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What Is a Water Flosser?

A water flosser, sometimes called a water pick, is an oral irrigator. That means it’s a cleaning device that shoots a thin stream of water, and when aimed between your teeth or at the gumline it can remove food particles and plaque on or between your teeth. A water flosser needs to be plugged into an outlet and requires a reservoir of water. That means it’s not portable like floss, but it is gentle and easy to use.

Will an ultrasonic cleaner damage my parts?

The thing to keep in mind with ultrasonics is that all they do is scrub indiscriminately. An ultrasonic bath doesn't know the difference between a flimsy coating on a lens or a layer of soil, and will scour both off. However ultrasonics have been proven safe for most parts, and the biggest thing to consider to ensure the safety of your parts is choosing the correct cleaning solution.

How to choose pressure setting when I use the water flosser?

The Water Flosser has been clinically proven safe on all settings. New users should start at the lowest pressure setting, then gently increase the pressure to the highest setting that feels comfortable.