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VLOXO CD-2800 Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Household 600ml Professional Washer Machine

VLOXO CD-2800 Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Household 600ml Professional Washer Machine

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VLOXO CD-2800 ultrasonic jewelry cleaner generates 42,000 Hz of sound waves that result in tiny bubbles gently shaking and cleaning away dust and dirt. Suitable for jewelry , glasses, watch bands, dentures, razor blades, utensils and other tiny mental parts.

Why Choose VLOXO CD-2800 Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner?

1. Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. Vloxo ultrasonic jewelry cleaner generates 42,000 Hz of ultrasonic sound waves for a powerful yet gentle clean, which won't damage your valuables while keeping them looking like new. The vibrating of washing liquid caused by ultrasonic wave cleans off dust, smeary bits and dirt on the surface.

VLOXO CD-2800 Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

2. Easy operation. Simply on/off with light indication. Pouring water or add a tiny amount of washing-up liquid to clean stubborn stains. With its transparent cover, you can watch clearly how  this ultrasonic jewelry cleaner work.

3. Best cleaning machine for home. Vloxo ultrasonic jewelry cleaner has 600ml capacity. With a large stainless steel cleaning tank, both small and large jewelry alike can be fully submerged. The cleaning basket is to ensure items are contained, for cleaning small items to reduce the friction with the tank. The watch holder allows them to be laid fully, and clean thoroughly. This jewelry cleaner works perfect for cleaning jewelry, denture, glasses, watch bands, makeup brushes and more.

4. Multiple use. Clean a Wide Variety of Valuables for Less, jewelry like rings, necklaces, eyeglasses; daily item like: denture teeth, coins, Razors, folks. Other tool parts like screws, Circuit board, etc. It's great for business, commercial or home use.

VLOXO CD-2800 Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

VlOXO Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Specifications

Size: 20*12.5*14cm

Net Weight: 780g (1.7lb)

Tank Size: 600ml  Maximum:500ml

Tank Material: Stainless steel SUS304

Frequency: 42,000Hz

Power Supply: 26 W AC 100 V, 50/60 Hz

                      35 W AC 100 -120 V, 50/60 Hz

                      50 W AC 220 -240 V, 50/60 Hz

Digital Timer Settings: 3 min (automatic timer)

Warranty: The item has passed CE, PSE, TUV, GS Certification. VLOXO guarantee 2 year warranty for CD-2800 Ultrasonic cleaner.

How To Use The Jewelry Cleaner?

VLOXO CD-2800 Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner


VLOXO CD-2800 Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

User Manual of VLOXO CD-2800 Ultrasonic Cleaner  

Packing List

1 x Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

1 x Basket

1 x Watch Stand

1 x User Manual

 1 x Power Cord

 Note: VLOXO  will send the power cord with corresponding standard according to the country your provided in shipping address, if you have special requirement, pls leave message or contact us in time.

UK Plug

UK Plug

US Plug

US Plug

EU Plug

EU Plug

AU Plug

AU Plug


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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
S. Sinclair
Cleans very well

My old one broke so was looking around to get a replacement thosnworks very well when you add cleaning solution with hot water just press go it's that simple.

Tara Moon
Slick cleaner!

It's a great cleaner for my workstation. It's a powerful decreases for cleaning personal frames and lens.

Very easy to use.

I use this product to clean my retainers and I feel it does a good job.


having several watches along with my wife's pandora bracelets I wanted something less time consuming rather than doing each piece by hand I picked this particular cleaner purely because it had the watch stand. the cleaning cycle is only 3 mins, the strap on this watch did have a lot of dirt it the hard-to-reach areas between the links (purely because I wear it every day at work). watching the machine at work I could actually see the dirt coming out from all the tight areas that are usually a pain to clean. Five stars from me its brilliant

Love it

Love it!!!!
I love this cleaner, I had so much old dirty jewellery the difference in a few minutes was incredible, earrings that I could never clean the butterfly back and rings that came up ok, now everything is sparking, I did buy some cleaning fluid as well.
I'm also using it for my reading glasses and oh man what a difference.
This is a fantastic little machine. The unit is an excellent size, couldn't be easier to use and does an excellent cleaning job on my watches and jewelry.