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Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner 450ML Touch Control with Watch Holder

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  • ✨ 【Professional Jewelry Cleaner】: More powerful and effective ultrasonic sound wave(42khz) than others(40khz), ensures more efficient cleaning result, clean and erase any subtle dirty on surface of objects with low noise, safely make your valuables sparkle again.
  • ✨ 【Simple Operation】: One Touch Button Design, 3 mins auto-OFF after clean and without additional care. You only need to pour water in the tank, and put the items in it. In order to get a better cleaning results, you can add bit of liquid hand/dish soap for enhanced cleaning.
  • ✨ 【Compact and Elegant Design】: The elegant appearance is very attractive, perfect for home. Its size is appropriate and won't require much storage space. It is a amazing gift for your family. This ultrasonic jewerly cleaner can also clean glasses, watches, coins, dentures and laboratory instruments. It is also the ideal professional cleaning machine for jewelers, opticians, watch shops, etc.
  • ✨ 【Practical】: The power cord is detachable, making it easier to replace the water. The ultrasonic cleaner has a stainless steel tank that holds 450ML of water, designed with max water level line inside the tank for guidance. All accessories you need included: basket, watch support and CD holder.
  • ✨ 【Guarantee】We offer 1 year guarantee ultrasonic cleaner satisfaction guarantee. If you aren't satisfied, please contact us. We'll refund you for any reason within a year of purchase.
  • NOTE:


    • Be sure to add clear water before turning on the power to avoid burning the machine.
    • After 10 minutes of continuous work, need to rest for 10 minutes to cool down to prevent burning of the machine.
    • Different items use different cleaning agents, the effect will be better.
    • The effect of warm water is better than cold water. If the cleaning effect is not good, it can be cleaned multiple times.
    • When cleaning the glasses, it is best to face up to avoid friction between the lens and the bottom. Please note: Spectacle frames or lenses that are worn or cracked cannot be used for ultrasonic cleaning.
    • The basket will reduce the working effect of ultrasound, but it will also protect the jewelry. It is recommended to use the attached basket when cleaning jewelry.
    • If you are not sure whether ultrasonic cleaner can clean a specific type of jewelry, please consult the jeweler.