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VLOXO Cordless Electric Scissors with Safety Lock 4.2V Rotary Cutter with Automatic Sharpening System For Fabric Carpet Leather Felt and More

VLOXO Cordless Electric Scissors with Safety Lock 4.2V Rotary Cutter with Automatic Sharpening System For Fabric Carpet Leather Felt and More

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VLOXO 4.2V cordless electric scissors with safety lock with 240RPM cutting speed and 1/4” cutting capacity allow you to cut harder materials with less effort, keep blade sharp with automatic sharpening system, portable, compact and ergonomical, suitable for cardboard, leather, plastic mats, carpets, felts and more.

VLOXO 4V Cordless Electric Scissors

Why Choose VLOXO Cordless Electric Scissors?

1.Strong Electric Scissors

VLOXO electric rotary fabric cutter has 240RPM cutting speed and a 1/4” cutting capacity. Compared with manual scissors, cordless electric scissors are more powerful and strong. The electric cutters allow you to cut harder materials with less pulling force, saving you time and energy. You can cut cardboard, leather, plastic mats, carpets, felts, etc. effortlessly. It is a great working tool for handicrafts and manual work.

2. Blade Stay Sharp

This rotary cloth cutter is equipped with an automatic sharpening system, which keeps the edges of the octagonal blades sharp at all times. To ensure your every cut is precise and smooth, please always keep the area around the blade guard clean. Remove dust and chips by blowing them out with compressed air or with a brush.

VLOXO 4V Cordless Electric Scissors

3. Safety Lock Indicator Light

Rechargeable electric scissors are equipped with a safety lock switch, press the safety lock switch, and the indicator light on, and you can press the switch to start working. When the scissors stop working, the indicator light will go out within 30 seconds. If you need to work again, please press the safety lock switch again, which can effectively avoid the accidental start of the electric cutter.

VLOXO 4V Cordless Electric Scissors

4.Compact Size & Lightweight

The handle of these mini electric scissors are ergonomically designed to allow both left-handed and right-handed users to complete the cutting work smoothly. It weighs less than 1 pound and measures less than 9" long, making it very easy to store and carry with the storage box.

VLOXO 4.2V Cordless Electric Scissors


We provide 12 month warranty

VLOXO 4.2V Cordless Electric Scissors Specification

Body Material: plastic 

Blade Material: ‎Stainless Steel

Item Dimensions L x W x H: 10 x 6.8 x 2.2 inches

Weight: 1.3 Pounds

Battery Capacity: 2000mah

Packing List

Electric Scissor Unit x 1

USB Cable x 1

Storage Case x 1

User Manual x 1



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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Pam Edwards
Great product

I have arthritis in my hands and wrists so cutting items like cardboard boxes is almost impossible for me. I’m still figuring out something’s but I love it.

anna j george
Electric cutter

Not quite what I was hoping for but will work for some things. Helps the hands when cutting canvas for my tote bags.

Sara Miller
Electric Scissors

I bought these for my mom who does quilting. She absolutely loves them and says it makes cutting fabric so easy for her. I am thinking about getting a set for myself just for everyday crafting things.

Easy cutter

This cutter is great and made my packaging much easier. I use it to cut my 4 feet wide packaging sheets and it’s able to glide right through. I used to have to fold it to crease it then slide a side of the scissor through. Now I just put it over the edge of my table and use the table edge as guidance and slide this cutter through. It probably speed up my process 5 folds. The scissor is pretty light weight and rechargeable. I wish I’ve gotten it sooner.

Douglas C. Meeks
Easy To Use, Exceptional Performance, Exceptional Value

We had never had a pair of electric scissors before and the wife wanted them because her hands would get stiff trying to cut a lot of fabric when she was sewing. These things are amazing and rechargeable makes them even better but they are sharp, cut a straight line or around a pattern with no problem. One of the best things outside the price is that the battery life, which is already awesome, is extended even more since after a minute or so with no use it turns itself off and saves battery power. So since it does everything we wanted and does it all exceptionally well this gets 5 Stars from both of us.