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VLOXO Cordless Electric Hand Massager with Compression

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  • [6 adjustable modes] 6 modes, 6 levels of intensity, vibration massage, warm massage, ABS shell material. The rich 6-position adjustment can meet the different needs of users, and the control is more convenient. The exquisite appearance is very suitable as a gift.
  • [Wave type rolling massage] Wave type rolling massage, fingers and palms can be wrapped, easily neglected palms can also be deeply massaged, constantly changing pressure can effectively stimulate the fingers and palms, reducing and faster arthritis pain. After use, the fingers and palms will have marks left after massage. This is normal. It will return to normal in three hours.
  • [Deep Painless Massage]After a hard day of work, the fingers of high-intensity work will inevitably have discomfort. The hand massager can effectively relieve finger numbness, joint pain, relieve hand arthritis or carpal tunnel pain, and enjoy the pleasure of hand massage . It is suitable for workers who are engaged in rock climbing, playing musical instruments, typing in a company or designing pictures for a long time.
  • [Precise Acupoint Massage &Heating Function] According to the position of the hand acupoints, a number of precise acupoint massages are designed, pressing the acupoints more comprehensively, and the intensity can be adjusted according to the gear. The pressure point therapy massager can provide a strong massage feeling and heat the massage points Accelerated hand blood circulation, let tired hands completely and truly relax.