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VLOXO Cordless 32PSI Upgraded Airbrush Kit with Compressor Dual-action Airbrush Kit for Painting, Model Coloring, Craft Art

VLOXO Cordless 32PSI Upgraded Airbrush Kit with Compressor Dual-action Airbrush Kit for Painting, Model Coloring, Craft Art

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VLOXO upgraded dual-action 32 PSI airbrush kit with compressor can not only control the fluid by the end part of the airbrush gun but also the pigment volume and air by the trigger on the airbrush pen. VLOXO airbrush kit is compatible with most airbrush pens on the market you can use other spry pen. This tool is great for art, model coloring, nail art, cake decorating, hobbies, crafts, and more.

VLOXO Airbrush Kit

Why Choose VLOXO Cordless Airbrush Kit 

Dual-Action Function

Compared to a traditional single-action airbrush spray pen set, a dual-action airbrush kit with a compressor can not only control the fluid by the end part of the airbrush gun but also the pigment volume and air by the trigger on the airbrush pen. This allows you to change the spray line thickness without stopping, thereby achieving precise control. Besides, the air compressor can also support single-action airbrushes & double-action airbrushes.

High Performance

The upgraded 32PSI professional airbrush gun set provides superior spray and makeup performance, maintaining high-detail spray characteristics. The air pump adopts an advanced painting process, the shell is bright and wear-resistant, and it is small and portable. 

Two Connection Modes

This dual action airbrush comes with an air hose, in addition to connecting the air pump directly to the gun, you can also connect the compressor to the gun through an air hose. Besides, most airbrush pens on the market are compatible with VLOXO compressors (1/8 thread), supporting your use of other spray guns.

Easy to Use & Widely Application

The rechargeable cordless airbrush with the trigger is rechargeable and very easy to use, it can be easily mastered and used by both beginners and advanced artists. The multi-purpose airbrushing system kit features a 0.4 mm needle, great for fine art, model coloring, nail art, cake decorating, hobbies, crafts, etc.

VLOXO Cordless Airbrush Kit

All-Powerful Accessories & Reliable After-sales Service

VLOXO mini airbrush compressor comes with 4 different capacity paint cups (2/6/12/24ML) and 5 cleaning brushes. 

VLOXO Cordless Airbrush Kit Features

  • Pressure Up to 32PSI - Sprays more air flow and the pressure is higher than most of the airbrush on the market.
  • Dual Action Function - Press the trigger down to spray airflow; press the trigger down and pull back to precisely regulate the spray volume. This design not only saves you raw materials, but also allows you to control the spraying effect as you wish.
  • 0.4mm Needle - Suitable for most liquids and provides better misting effect. Delivers perfect results whether you are spraying fine or large areas.
  • 1/8 Thread - Supporting your use of other spray guns.
  • Two Gears - The spray volume gear can be adjusted, and the adjustment range is 6--8L.
  • Mini Compressor - Capacity is 1000mAh, supports fast charging, charging time is 20 - 30 minutes, use time is determined by pressure gear, at least up to 30 minutes.
  • Professional Circuit Protection - With professional charging circuit board protection as well as power control management, there is no overcharging that can cause the battery to bulge.
  • Exquisite Workmanship - The body is small and easy to carry, exquisite workmanship is not rough.

 VLOXO Cordless Airbrush Kit with Compressor Specification

Needle Tip0.4mm


Voltage5V 2A

Batteryrechargeable battery ,1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Bare Metal Weight: 180g (without spray pen)

Airbrush Weight: 77g

Size: 15.3*47cm

VLOXO Airbrush Kit with Compressor Trouble Shooting

What to do if the gun won't spray liquid?

1. Check the nozzle cap for looseness. The nozzle cap is loose and cannot be sprayed. Or it may be that the nozzle is blocked. Please remove and clean the nozzle.

2. Check the retaining needle nut. If it is loose, tighten it with the small wrench included in the package.

3. Adjust the tail screw. the fluid control knob is too tight, cannot be sprayed.

4. Check the battery to see if it is dead.

PLEASE NOTE: Please clean it after use to avoid nozzle clogging or uneven spraying.

VLXO Cordless Airbrush Kit Maintenance Tips

  • After each use of this airbrush, please use clean water or cleaning solvent to clean the fluid cup and the nozzle thoroughly in time and do not let the paint become dry, so as to avoid nozzle clogging or uneven spraying.
  • Please test airbrush kit with clear water before using pigment or paint to make sure that the airbrush is not clogged to spray normally.
  • If the airbrush is not able to spray liquid, it may also be that the fluid control knob is too tight, please adjust the tail screw. Or it may be that the nozzle is blocked. Please remove and clean the nozzle.
  • Do not use while charging.


Packing List

1 X Airbrush

1 X Mini Air Compressor

1 X Air hose

1 X User Manual

1 X Dropper

1 X Wrench

1 X 2+6+ 12+ 24ML Capacity Cup

4 x 0-ring

1 x Type-C Charging Cable

5 x Cleaning Brush"

 Airbrush Kit Packing List

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great tool, very stable pressure and easy to use

I tried this airbrush with miniature painting, and it performed as good as I though.
First of all, the airbrush works as expected, I like dual action airbrush for the control it brings on controlling the air flow as well as the paint flow in a very precise manner. I was also surprised that the airbrush has a paint release adjustment, meaning there is an adjustable stop at the back of the needle that controls how far you can pull the needle and thus how much paint you are spraying, I personally don’t use this feature as I have a feeling of how far to push it back to get the amount I need, but I think is a nice addition for people that want to further control the amount of paint sprayed. Other than that the airbrush is pretty standard, I would like the cups to be metal instead of plastic, but that’s a minor complain.
The compressor itself works as expected, I really like he hose provided, as I find the compressor a little big to be holding it and using the airbrush at the same time. With the hose I can just turn it on, put it aside and use the airbrush alone. There is a minor drawback, it does not have pressure control, I would have liked to have at least pressure levels, this is not a problem in most of the cases, but sometimes there are thicker paints that in my normal airbrush I just increase the pressure to be able to use them, but in this case that is not possible. Another area of improvement I see is the hose, it is a plastic hose that feels cheap, a braided hose would have been better and would feel a little bit more durable.
I tested the spray consistency and found it very good. Its consistent through the different levels of paint release that I tried.
For beginners that do not want to mess with pressure levels, this eliminates that variable and let the artist focus on the paint consistency instead.
Overall, It serves the purpose, I was able to spray-paint a part of my current model and really like the final effect I achieved.
Even having a little bit of drawbacks, I would recommend this kit for anybody starting airbrushing, specially with the included hose that makes handling the airbrush easier and more like a normal airbrush compressor combo.

Iamshel more
Easy to work with even for Novices

This is the first time I have used an airbrush And I was a bit afraid of it! I even took it outside so if I somehow messed it up any paint would go on the grass and not my furnishings or carpet. I should not have hesitated at all! I looked at a few videos online before I used it so gained a lot of info that way . It is really a great tool, easy to use and I had excellent results though it did take a few minutes. Really happy with this airbrush kit I have since ordered special airbrush though I am not sure if there is actually any difference in usage or results. I think that a young person …mature preteen ( is that an oxymoron?) could successfully make use of this airbrush .

Robert Crandall
Nice double action and easy to clean.

I didn't realize until I got this one in that it seems geared toward applying makeup. My daughter wants it but It will work just fine for my odd uses.
I do word and metal art work and recently found a way to make my seed pods on the dry flowers looking 'interesting' for a month longer.

I was cleaning these the wrong, long way. The online training site I was on the other day showed, how to clean it without taking every piece apart. Now that I watched that I will use this a lot more. Basically you just keep spray water then when it appears clean, hold your hand over the nozzle to force the water backward up to the bowl a few times and you are good to go. That's the readers digest version however, so look it up on U-tube for better ideas.

I you are just getting into airbrushing, have fun. There are so many more things to do with them now. I still do a small amount of car painting but mostly art. The lady's in the family go as far as to decorate cakes. Note: get a separate one for this, in my opinion.

As for the price, it is a bit of an investment but keep it clean and in decent operating condition and I can see it lasting for years.