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VLOXO CD-7810A Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Machine 750ML 42000Hz - Black

VLOXO CD-7810A Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Machine 750ML 42000Hz - Black

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Vloxo¬†ultrasonic jewelry cleaner vibrates 42,000 ultrasonic sound waves. By creating micro-vibrations in the water, sound vibration waves penetrate deep into precious metals that brushes cannot reach to remove hidden dirt.¬† 360¬į effective and deep gentle cleaning through millions of tiny cleaning bubbles produced by ultrasonic waves to make jewelry sparkle

Why Choose VLOXO Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner?

[Multiple use]    VLOXO ultrasonic jewelry cleaner comes with plastic basket, watch holder, CD holder. It's an ideal device for laboratories, electronic shops, glasses shops, jewelry shops, clocks and watches shops, dentistry, office and home use.

[Easy to operate]     The simple control panel with 3 buttons(ON/OFF/SET) very easy to operate. The portable ultrasonic jewelry offers 5 different time modes, you can press SET button to choose working cycle freely (180s/280s/380s/480/90s). When reach the time you set, the unit will automatically stop.

[Ultrasonic wave to clean]      VLOXO professional digital ultrasonic cleaner creates 42,000 Hz frequency, ensures more efficient cleaning result, remain harmless to what you put in, even the most subtle pearl jewelry. Note: When cleaning jewelry inlaid with diamonds or other things, use it with the attached basket to protect the jewelry.

[Large capacity]    The stainless steel water tank in the ultrasonic cleaner can hold 25oz/750ML of water. Basically can accommodate your Jewelry, Eyeglasses, Watches, Dentures, Dental tools and more Cleaning, meet household and personal daily cleaning needs.

[Renew your jewelry] ¬†¬†¬†The professional-grade ultrasonic cleaner vibrates water 42,000 times per second. By creating micro-vibrations in the water, sound vibration waves penetrate deep into precious metals that brushes cannot reach to remove hidden dirt. 360¬į effective and deep gentle cleaning through millions of tiny cleaning bubbles produced by ultrasonic waves to make jewelry sparkle


1. Be sure to fill water into the tank before power on. Do not clean glasses/sunglasses with protective film. Water do not exceed the max level.

2. Do not place the cleaner in a damp environment.

3. PLEASE DON'T put plated items into the tank.

4. The ultrasonic cleaner can not remove the oxide layer.

5. After the ultrasonic has been working continuously for 10 minutes, the machine needs to be rested for 10 minutes to cool down, and the water needs to be changed every half an hour to get a better cleaning effect.

6. Please do read the user manual before using it. If you are not sure whether ultrasonic cleaner can clean a specific type of jewelry, please consult the jeweler.

VLOXO Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Sepecification

Material: 304 sus Stainless Steel

Size: 750ml

Display: LED digital display screen

Working cycles: 180s/280s/380s/480s/90s


 Suitable for: eyeglasses, watches, denture, jewelry & accessory (like rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, brooches, tie pins, cufflinks, combs, etc.), shavers head, metals, or other small parts (like ancient coins, small metal accessories, bearings, etc.)

Can't be used for: Many gemstones can be easily damaged by ultrasound. Do not put in softer gemstones such as opals, lapis lazuli, emeralds, turquoise, etc. Organic jewelry such as pearls, coral pieces, or amber can also be damaged. Also, do not put inside your ultrasonic cleaner gemstones whose color has been enhanced through heat treatment.

 VLOXO CD-7810A Ultrasonic Cleaner

CD-7810A Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner User Manual 


CD-7810A Ultrasonic Cleaner Packing List 

1 x Ultrasonic Cleaner

1 x Basket

1 x CD Holder

1 x Watch Stand

1 x User Manual 

1 x Power Cord 

Notice: we will send the power plug with corresponding standard according to the country your provided in shipping address, if you have special requirement for the power cord, kindly leave a note or contact us in time.

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UK Plug



 US Plug

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EU Plug

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AU Plug

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Love it

I have been cleaning my poor neglected jewelry all day. They are on their fifth water change cleaning right now. I can't wait till the water comes out clean so I can clean more jewelry and our glasses too! Only thing I don't really care for but have to deal with since I love it so much is the noise it makes while cleaning. The instructions state it's a normal sound and it just means it's operating properly.

Charlotte Turner
Large enough to accommodate many different items.

I'm glad I chose this VLOXO ultrasonic cleaner. I specifically chose it because it would accommodate slightly "larger" eyeglasses, watches, men's electric razor accessories...oh yes! *Caution. If you're like me, you WILL start searching for weird things to try to ultrasonically cleanse, because it cleans things so well. Just be careful about which jewelry you put in, and don't submerge the watch FACE/DIAL (that's why they include the watch holder), the ultrasonic waves will destroy the timing mechanism in many watches. I really wanted to try using on CDs...but I haven't been brave enough yet (unsure of the cleaning solution). Buy it!

Christina Terry
everyone needs one of these cleaners in there homes!!!

I have purchased 3 different types of these ultra sonic cleansers over the course of my life from the cheapy cheap to the most expensive personal type for steralizing tattoo equiptment. Over all I think that I like this model/style the best it is the esiest to use the best looking the obviouse choice for longevity and quality for cost. I truly dont believe how they are pulling off the low cost point because the quallity of this item is at the very least double if not more !
i have never been able to get my glasses cleaner !! with only using water that is just unbelievable!!!!!

Made my jewelry really bling!

Love this, it’s cute and works really well! You could actually see the water getting murky from the ultrasonic pulses knocking the dirt loose! Perfect, Thanks!

M. Hill
VLOXO Ultrasonic Cleaner

Able to clean a variety of small items, this household ultrasonic cleaning unit holds up to 25 ounces of liquid and includes accessories for positioning jewelry, eyeglasses, waterproof watches and even CDs for cleaning. Operating at a 42000 Hz frequency the unit is mostly plastic but the cavity is stainless steel. My use is primarily for cleaning jewelry and eyeglasses although I won’t hesitate to use it for the occasional small tool and/or CD, etc.

The included manual suggests using water alone so I added 18 ounces of warm water to the unit, placed the basket accessory in the unit and included two pairs of eyeglasses. Operation is straightforward with three buttons‚ÄĒOn, Off and Set. Pressing the Set button cycles through 5 preset time options but the 180 second setting is the default. If not sufficient for the task the cycle can be repeated or a longer setting selected.

There is an included booklet for basic operation and maintenance. I used the 180 second setting and it was sufficient to do a good job on both pair of eyeglasses, one of which had a coating of dried soda (intentional for the test). The two prong AC power cord is approximately 4 feet long. Included are plastic accessories like a basket, watch holder and CD holder to help position the items for cleaning. Note, items like pearls, shells like mother of pearl and porous stones along with pieces that are glued into settings may be damaged in ultrasonic cleaners. So far a good basic household ultrasonic cleaner.