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VLOXO Lap Desk with Cushion Portable Laptop Tray

VLOXO Lap Desk with Cushion Portable Laptop Tray

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VLOXO laptop desk made from an ecolomical bamboo panel and a polyethylene foam cushion.

You’re the creative type—the kind who always has a story on your mind, an art project baking on the backburner. That’s why this Portable Laptop Desk with Cushion is your trusty sidekick both in and out of the studio. It’s chic and compact in terms of laptop ergonomics, while its lightweight design makes it more savvy than a triple word score.

Why choose VLOXO lap desk?

Comfy Material: Made of natural bamboo and polyethylene memory foam cushion.

Multifunctional: It can be used as sleeping pillow, laptop stand, reading desk, phone holder ect.

Perfect Size: Weight about 2.5 lbs, size: 15x11 inch. Support 14'' laptop, easy to carry.

Ergonomic Design: The curved tabletop design fits snugly around your waist and the slanted polyethylene foam cushion conforms to your lap.

As a Sleeping Pillow: Simply flip over the desk and use the cushion as a base, the lap desk will be a comfortable sleeping pillow.

Secure Design: Removeable anti-slip strips, slot design, smooth desk surface will keep your device safe and not be scratched.


Vloxo Lap Desk with Cushion Features:

Perfect size: about 1kg, size: 28x38cm. Supports laptops up to 14 '', easy to carry.

Ergonomic design: The curved design of the table top adapts perfectly to your height and the inclined polyethylene foam cushion adapts to your knees.

Sleeping pillow: Simply flip the desk over and use the cushion as a base, the desk will become a comfortable pillow for sleeping.

Secure Design: Removable non-slip strips, slots and a smooth desk surface keep your device safe and not scratched.

Multifunctional: It can be used as a sleeping pillow, laptop stand, reading desk, phone stand, etc.

Vloxo Portable Bamboo Desk Benefits:

[Multi-function non-slip] can accommodate 14-inch laptops and most tablet computers. This laptop desk can be used as a laptop stand, bookshelf, tablet stand, etc. It is also equipped with a non-slip strip to ensure that the device is not easy to slide. It is a wooden surface used for handicrafts, writing, reading or working in bed, etc.

[Cushions and Pillows] Comfortable and simple cushions at the bottom. The cushion base can be used to relax the tired back of sitting on a chair, and can also be used as a pillow to sleep at home or even outdoors. A comfortable posture can make work easier.

[Sturdy and comfortable] The laptop stand is made of a sturdy platform, comfortable and breathable Lycra fabric and a foam bead base. The beanbag cushion is very comfortable, can fit the legs completely, and can keep the laptop stable in use.

[Lightweight and easy to use] VLOXO Lap Desk is light weight, only 2.2 pounds, and the size is 16*12 inches, which is very suitable for sitting on the ground or on the sofa. There is a handle on the table, which is very suitable for carrying.

[After-sales and warranty] VLOXO laptop desk provides a 12-month warranty and a 30-day return service. We are confident in the design and durability of VLOXO products. If you encounter any problems during use, please let us know and we will give you a satisfactory answer within 12 hours.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Colorado Gal
Really a 1st class lap desk.

You will not regret purchasing this item....period. It is an excellent surface for my laptop and for my Kindle. I wish it was maybe an inch or two thicker, but I really like it. The hole is extremely handy for carrying it when my arms are full.

Max Loff
S'adapte facilement

Cousin qui s’adapte facilement aux positions du genou, il est très confortable et je l’utilise aussi pour écrire pas que pour le PC.

Jacky B.
Si votre pc chauffe...

Je l utilise pour poser mon pc qui a tendance à chauffer et me brûler les cuisses : au lit ou sur le canapé. Ma fille l'utilise aussi pour dessiner en voiture ou mettre la tablette.

top Unterlage Laptop Tablet Handy oder Notizen

Für mich eine sehr praktische Unterlage in erster Linie für meinen Laptop.
Genau wie vom Verkäufer beschrieben. Die Holzauflage ist wertig, optisch schön und praktisch.
Sehr bequem auf den Beinen, passt sich allen Situationen an.
Gute Verarbeitung, einfache Reinigung und Pflege

Pour mon ordinateur

J’ai acheté ce support pour mon ordinateur car c’est pratique lorsque je suis assise sur mon lit ou dans mon canapé. Très utile car l’ordinateur ne chauffe plus sur mes genoux. Très agréable pas rugueux sur mes genoux grâce au coussin. De plus, je peux mettre ma tablette dans l’encart dédié.