Everything About Beard Straightener You Need To Know

Everything About Beard Straightener You Need To Know

If you have no beard, this article may not arise your interest. Beard men who are struggling with a frizzy or curly facial hair which is getting out of control can find the right tool to help you achieve perfect facial hairstyle. A beard straightener certainly is not necessary, but let's check the benifit of it first.

What Can Beard Straightener Do?

1. Soften facial hair to make it less itchy and easier to apply beard balms and beard oils

2.Straightening unruly beard hair can also make your scruff look sleeker and keep its shape longer, which is great news for guys who grew beards to create a more defined jawline. 

3. A sleeker beard can also visually slim your face

4. It can make trimming flyaways and maintaining the lines of your beard easier.

What You Need to Take Into Account before Getting A Beard Straightener?

  • What type of beard you have?Medium length beard, thick or coarse beard, hard-to- style beard etc.
  • As we all know that heat hair or beard in a wrong way will definitly damage your beard hair. 185 degrees Celsius (385 degrees Fahrenheit) was the sweet spot for using heat on hair, so looking at temperature claims by beard straightener is important
  • Some terms need to keep in mind when looking at  beard straighteners.

Here’s a quick chemistry refresh—water contains positively charged ions. Ionic dryers use negative ions to speed up drying time. The more time water has to soak into the hair, the more frizz it can cause. So, in theory, faster drying equals less frizz.

Similar to Ionic but produces even more water busting negative ions.

Ceramic, Porcelain, Infrared
These buzzwords all more or less mean the same thing—even, consistent heating.

Choose A Beard Straightener

VLOXO cordless beard straightener with advanced ion heating technology is suitable for different type of beard. Comes with automatic shutdownl protection system, temperature lock ensures that the temperature will not suddenly rise and damage the hair.

VLOXO Cordless Beard Straightener

This rechargeable cordless beard straightener can quickly heat to 200°C,  temperature available from 80 °C (184℉ ) to 200 °C (392 ℉), suitable for different type of beard.

VLOXO Cordless Beard Straightener


  • Power: 10W
  • Input: DC 5V  maximum2A,
  • Maximum Temperature: 200°C
  • Auto-off Time: 30 Mins
  • Charging Interface: MIR-USB
  • Display Mode: LCD
  • Battery: 2200MAH
  • Size:210 *45*28mm
  • Function: Reduce frizz, reduce split ends, quickly shape the shape, nourish and moisturize hair.



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