VLOXO Bluetooth Tattoo Stencil Printer FAQs

VLOXO Bluetooth Tattoo Stencil Printer FAQs

VLOXO bluetooth tattoo stencil printer is the latest version which supports bluetooth connection. What question customer ask most? let's check FAQs about this bluetooth tattoo stencil machine.


Q: Does it print with plain white paper?

A: No, it can only print on stencil paper and thermal paper.


Q: What’s the app called?

A: It is called "MYXPrint",you can search it at google or apple store APP.

VLOXO bluetooth tattoo stencil printer APP


Q: What stencil paper is better for the printer?

A:This thermal printer is compatible with all A4 size thermal stencil transfer paper.It is capable of using Spirit, S8 Red, Ghost Paper, Atsui and Electrum Gold Standard. Certain brands stencil papers are thicker and thinner and work better for lines, details and shading.


Q: Will it work with I Pad Pro ?

A: Yes it will work with iPad Pro 


Q:Will it work with older macbooks ?

A:Yes indeed it can. The App can be found on the App Store on MacBooks. We tested it and it works. However, the connection with a MacBook does not appear as stable as with an iPad or iPhone. For example, the connection often drops after one print on the MacBook, whereas on the iPad or iPhone, the connection is stable. You can easily reconnect the printer with the MacBook if the connection drops. 


Q:Does it come with a battery?

A:Yes it comes equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery


Q:Is 203 dpi good enough for small detailed tattoo stencils? Such as font

A:Yes it will print detailed fonts

More faqs are updating soon..




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