Ultrasonic Cleaner Professioanl Cleaning Solution Make Cleaning Easy And Meaningful

Ultrasonic Cleaner Professioanl Cleaning Solution Make Cleaning Easy And Meaningful

What is ultrasonic cleaner? how does ultrasonic cleaner work? how to choose ultrasonic cleaner? In the 1950s the first professional ultrasonic cleaners was introduced to the market. Two decades later, commercial ultrasonic cleaners were used in the home. let's check together now!

What Is Ultrasonic Cleaner?

Ultrasonic cleaner is device that use high frequency sound waves to efficiently and effectively remove contaminants from solid surfaces. An ultrasonic cleaner is comprised of three essential components: a tank, a generator, and a transducer.

How Does Ultrasonic Cleaner Work?

An ultrasonic cleaner operates by creating high-frequency waves in a liquid.The items to be cleaned are placed in this liquid, where the rapid motion of the water creates very small bubbles that hit the surface to be cleaned and knock any dirt to the bottom of the liquid's container.

The basic mechanism used in an ultrasonic cleaner is a device that creates a high-frequency sound called a transducer. Ultrasonic ranges in frequency from about 20 to 400 kHz. This signal enters the liquid, which needs to be viscous enough for the waves to move through it quickly, and begins to generate very small bubbles. The higher the frequency of the sound, the smaller the bubbles will be. These bubbles move through the liquid and hit the surface of the items to be cleaned, causing the dirt to fall away.

What Can Ultrasonic Cleaner Clean?

Items that can be added into the ultrasonic cleaner are pretty much endless.

1. Metal including coin, old coins,  pennies, silver, silverware etc.

2. Personal items like eyeglasses, sunglasses, watches, dentures, razors, tableware and so on.

3. Valueables like jewelry, rings, necklace, earing, bracelets

4. CDs, DVDs, e-cigarette, vape tank etc.

5. Baby products, feeding bottle, toys, LEGOs, Game Disc etc. 

6. Precision parts and makeup tools.


Note: pls follow instruction in user manual before cleaning items. Items not suitable for ultrasonic cleaning can not wash by ultrasonic cleaner.

How To Choose Ultrasonic Cleaner ?

What you need to take into account before choose an ultrasonic cleaner?

  • Tank Size (depends on items to be cleaned)
  • Frequncy  (The level of frequency determines the kind of cleaning that is created, to clean extensive dirt and contaminants, use lower frequencies. The lower the frequency, the bigger the bubbles)
  • Voltage standard (check whether the device is compatible with voltage you use before ordering, otherwise a additional cost of a step down power supply is needed)

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