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VLOXO Lap Desk with Cushion Portable Laptop Tray

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  • [Multi-function non-slip] can accommodate 14-inch laptops and most tablet computers. This laptop desk can be used as a laptop stand, bookshelf, tablet stand, etc. It is also equipped with a non-slip strip to ensure that the device is not easy to slide. It is a wooden surface used for handicrafts, writing, reading or working in bed, etc.
  • [Cushions and Pillows] Comfortable and simple cushions at the bottom. The cushion base can be used to relax the tired back of sitting on a chair, and can also be used as a pillow to sleep at home or even outdoors. A comfortable posture can make work easier.
  • [Sturdy and comfortable] The laptop stand is made of a sturdy platform, comfortable and breathable Lycra fabric and a foam bead base. The beanbag cushion is very comfortable, can fit the legs completely, and can keep the laptop stable in use.
  • [Lightweight and easy to use] VLOXO Lap Desk is light weight, only 2.2 pounds, and the size is 16*12 inches, which is very suitable for sitting on the ground or on the sofa. There is a handle on the table, which is very suitable for carrying.