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VLOXO Cordless Electric Scissors with 2 Blades Shears Cutting Tool (Pink)

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  • [SUPER POWER]-The speed of VLOXO power scissors is up to 10000RPM, allowing you to cut cardboard, leather, plastic mats, carpets, felts, etc. effortlessly. It can reduce the pressure on your hands and is an great working tool for handicrafts and manual work.
  • [Single Button Operation]-You need to press the switch for a long time to operate, and it will stop working when you release it to prevent accidents. Ergonomic handle design, with one-button operation design, allows you to finish cutting easily and effectively.
  • [Long Powerful Life]-Equipped with a charger, has a long powerful life. It can be used for up to 3-4 hours of continuous cutting time when fully charged.
  • [Compact Design]-3.6V cordless electric scissors, comfortable to hold, light weight, keep you away from cumbersome wire winding, can be carried with you, and bring you excellent mobility and operability. Ergonomic body design, both left-handed and right-handed can get a smoothly cutting.
  • [Great Craft Gift]-The electric scissor set contains (1) 3.6V electric scissor unit (2) Blade*2 (3) Fast charger. It is a great gift for craft DIY lovers. VLOXO provide 12 months warranty and friendly 24 hours customer service. If any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Why choose VLOXO electric scissors?

VLOXO 3.6V high quality cutter with 2 blades, the speed of power scissors is up to 10000RPM, allowing you to cut cardboard, leather, plastic mats, carpets, felts, other thin materials canvas etc. Well balanced and easy to use, like a hot knife through butter. Give your fingers a break and take the job out of cutting with VLOXO cordless electric scissors.



  • Easy Blade Changing-Including two blades for cutting. Easily and safely change your blade in seconds.
  • Single Button Operation-Press the switch for a long time to operate, stop working when you release it to prevent accidents.
  • Compact Design-Suitable for left-handed and right-handed users.
  • Rechargeable-Equipped with fast charger for easy charging.



  • Please note that most electric scissors are not quiet, and the noise is above the level of human conversation, but it will not cause you serious discomfort.
  • The blade is so sharp, you must pay attention to safety when using it, and avoid placing the product in a place where children can touch directly.
  • It is forbidden to bring the electric product close to fire sources and high-temperature areas.
  • These scissors can cut through very thin metal and softer metals like aluminum. Other hard products and high thickness are not recommended to use regularly, which will reduce the service life of the cutter head.
  • If any questions, please reach out to us through the Amazon.


Customer Reviews

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Good Sharp Electric Scissors but Loud

These VLOXO Cordless Electric Scissors with 2 Blades Rechargeable Powerful Shears Cutting Tool can go through Amazon Boxes like butter.

They come in a small cardboard box with the scissors, two sets of blades, instructions and charger.

I charged these overnight to be sure they had a good charge and then went right for some amazon boxes. They went through them like butter with little effort. I made a short video of them going through a box. I only had one hand to use with the scissors as my other hand was holding the camera, so they went through very easily indeed.

They are a bit scary in that they don't have a guard on the cutting blades during cutting but they do have a guard that you can put on them when not in use.

The shape is ergonomic and the trigger is easy to pull and large. I think these would be good for people with arthritis or other hand problems. They do vibrate quite a bit though if that causes problems.

I didn't see any way to order more blades.

One thing about these is that they are very loud. I think they might be louder than my friend's model airplanes that they fly around with remote controls.

Overall, I like them but I do thing that just under $38 is pricey.

These were made in China

Artsy Happiness Spreader
Cut heavy cardboard. Just a little frightening!

Woohoo these cordless electric scissors by VLOXO may be a little loud (louder than my red cutters I also love, see that review) and they admittedly scare me a teensy bit, but they work like the Dickens in any direction on even the heavier duty Amazon boxes they use on heavy stuff (like my weight workout bench that arrived today.)

Ok, so I squeaked the Oh My Gosh that isn't gosh statement when I tried to make the first video and turned these on, 🤣😂 so I made you a new one.

While the red electric cutters have kind of a protective area around the miniature circular saw, these scissors have no "guard" so if I got my finger or other body part in the way, I've no doubt blood would gush. Eek! And I'm relatively a card-carrying klutz (currently have the broken foot, bruised legs and hurt hands to prove it lol) So I'm gonna have to NOT use these when I've had no sleep, like I did the other cutters and survived. (I wouldn't recommend these for kids or klutzes or , well, you get it

But I'm still gonna use em by golly! My other red cutters don't like heavier boxes, or cutting out weird shaped lines. So I need both.

Plus these are supposed to do leather...I can't wait to try them for that! And I can't remember what else but you have the description for that. I'm sure fabric, which is great, cuz these cut through tape great.

I do prefer the (relatively) quieter activity of the red cutter though

The red cutter also has an awesome case, while this one came with none.

The red cutter also has an attachment to screw in stuff. This pink one only cuts.

Like how this pink one comes with an extra scissors cutting head. (Does that mean I can't sharpen these?)

Both cutters worked after charging.

These come with a hard plastic cover for the scissors part. (The red one doesn't need it since it has the great case.)

Both come with chargers of course.

I only wish this came with a case. Don't worry, I'll get braver. They're so Pretty 😍 in Pink, after all!

Happy arting, all! 🎨